Sunday, November 8, 2009


Award-winning, Competition-grade

This latest CD tuner is a first in Pioneer's line-up of head units to feature an in-built high-precision

signal processor, offering audiophiles a revolutionary head unit that produces unparalleled sound

performance akin to a live concert.

Match with other RS Series components to create a Symphony of Sound.

Earlier this year, the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) granted the prestigious European

in-car high-end component 2009-2010 award to the DEX-P99RS, praising the CD tuner for being the

"first-ever self-contained head unit that is truly high-end."

Incorporating superior audio functionalities and performance from Pioneer's ODR products, the DEX-P99RS

head unit falls under Pioneer's Reference Series competition grade components. The DEX-P99RS is designed

to replace (and advance the performance of) the award-winning DEX-P90RS and DEQ-P90RS Pioneer CD tuner and

processor package, which is highly popular with enthusiasts.

Dynamic Sound
Pioneer's renowned 4-way Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is now built in without the need for a separate

blackbox, allowing high-precision tuning capabilities while maintaining high-levels of digital signal

quality. The DSP provides complete control of the signal processing and networking allowing you to

optimise your sound system perfectly, depending on the cars sound field. In addition, the DEX-P99RS

employs four powerful 24-bit digital/analog converters, to individually manage the High, mid-range (Mid),

mid-base (Low) and Subwoofer (SW) channels. This translates to an incredible dynamic range and

signal/noise ratio of 120 decibels, two times of other conventional models.
Integrated with a high-voltage left/right independent volume circuit that reduces noise effect, the

DEX-P99RS offers unprecedented sound quality and performance. Furthermore, the CD mechanism is

manufactured with high-grade vibration suppression material to immobilize the entire chassis resulting in

precise signal reading and exquisite sound quality.
Optimum Tuning
Audio adjustment reaches unparalleled levels thanks to the inclusion of the new 4-way digital cross-over

network. Previously it enabled you to alter settings separately, including time alignment between

speakers, left and right channels, as well as for the tweeters High, Mid, Low and SW range. However now,

the new high-powered DSP chipset, originally developed for multi-channel sound systems and unique to the

DEX-P99RS, ensures that the entire frequency band in the 20Hz to 20kHz range is available in each

adjustment band to intricately refine audio to your exact wishes and allowing any system configuration.
In addition the built-in auto time alignment and equalizer automatically adjusts to suit the cars acoustic

characteristics. With the left/right independent 4-way digital crossover network and 31 band digital

equalizer that splits 1/3 of every octave step in the audio frequency bandwidth to 31 bands, music

aficionados will be able to experience explicit and accurate tonality, akin to a live concert!
Extensive Media Format and Design
The DEX-P99RS also offers versatile connections. A wide range of audio players can be connected via the

direct USB (cable supplied) input including WMA, MP3, AAC and WAV and other media formats. With a USB

input port and 1.5m USB extension cable, signals are transmitted through a digital/analog converter in the

same manner as a CD ensuring every playback is of high-quality. With iPods, music can be controlled from

the head unit or the portable player itself (optional cable required). Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever

(ASR) puts the harmonics lost during compression back into your music, returning its depth and

revitalising its quality.
The DEX-P99RS is not just brilliant in its capabilities but also sleek in its outlook. Its visual cues,

comprising a high-quality plexiglass and black brushed aluminum finish with two large dials at either end,

and a three-line crisp OEL display, exude timeless elegance. Looks are twinned to performance with the

intuitive rotary commander enabling users to simply enjoy exquisite audio created by the latest

innovations in car audio. The rotary commander remote control can be steering wheel mounted, while you can

also choose from five preset colours to customise button illumination to match the DEX-P99RS's fascia

plate with your car's interior.

Main Features
Plays Your CD collection (including CD-R, CD-RW)
MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC compressed audio files on CD and USB
Works With Your iPod, iPhone or USB device
Other music devices via a front auxiliary input
Front Panel Motorized Flap Face Plate
Key Illumination Yes
Rotary Commander Yes. Remote Control Included (Steering wheel)
Aux-in Front IP Bus Yes
RCA Preout 4, Gold-plated (High, Mid, Low, Subwoofer)
USB Input Yes
Bluetooth Ready via optional CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter
iPod Ready via optional cable CD-IU50 (iPod control Mode incorporated)
Dynamic Sound
CD Mechanism With anti-vibrating dampers
D/A Converters 4 pcs, high performance 24-bit advanced multi-bit format
Jitter Reduction Sound Master Clock Circuit
Operational Amplifier Linear Technology branded high slew rate
Digital Signal Processor 32-bit floating-point high precision computation
Volume Circuit L/R Independent High Voltage
Optimum Tuning
Auto Adjustment Auto Time Alignment & Auto Equalizer (2ch)
Precise Tuning 4-Way digital crossover network
Precise Timing Time alignment feature
Perfect Acoustics 31 band digital equalizer
Advanced Sound Retriever Yes
Display Off Function Yes
Door Mute Function Yes
Copper Chassis Yes


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